Putting more things together

Detailed view of the relay controller board, the relay board and the bottom of the Raspberry Pi. The purpose of the relay controller board is to start up the screen and audio amplifier after the Taspberry is finished booting. Also, even more important, the controller will turn the screen off and then signal the Raspberry to shut down in an orderly fashion before cutting the main power relay. The main power relay is the first thing to be turned on when the power is turned on, creating a ‘holding’ voltage to the power supply. This way, the caminet will be completely ‘cold’ when the power is turned off. The power switch is a 2-pole momentary switch giving the power supply mains for the milliseconds it takes to boot the microcontroller and hold the power.


The upper part of the cabinet coming together, with holes for the upper speakers. Also, the picture tube is in place.


The gaming control panel, with Sanwa sticks and lit buttons. Button pattern courtesy of ‘slagcoin.com’, thank you!


Rear view of the speakers, tube, and donor TV chasses to the left of the tube. The controller board has an IR diode output to turn the TV on and off, but it turned out that this was not necessary here. Also visible is the reflection of the control panel in place.



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