Project scope

A classic project problem is the so-called ‘scope creep’. A customer will revise specifications to include more features, and the project is not finished on time as a result. In this case, I can only blame myself since I create my own specs.
I wanted to combine more data sources than just the geiger counter, making better use of the display. I have been playing with the pic32 controllers lately, and come to realize just how powerful these little chips are. So the project scope increased: the goal now is to make a central unit that consolidates data from many sources and feeds the data to the display over a CAN connections.

Prototyping the central unit

Prototyping the central unit

The plan is to add a WLAN module, a GPS, and a GSM modem. This way, the set-up can be used to track a vehicle and communicate over the internet. A new PCB was made, and the project moves forward!

Centra unit board

Central unit board


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