Using the geiger-data

Now that the geiger counter is working and giving me TTL pulses in an orderly fashion, it is time to decide on how the radiation level will be displayed inside my apocalyptic survival vehicle. For the last few days, I have been designing a computer circuit that can display stuff in a car, based on a Microchip 18F4680 18-bit microcontroller.  The display is going to be an OLED module from Australian 4d systems, a display module that has a built-in graphics controller and can be controlled by a serial data line. Read more about the module here:

This module can fit inside a 52mm instrument housing with a bit of modifications. The computer will also have to fit inside this housing. I have designed the computer to be in-circuit programmable (I foresee an endless series of firmware upgrades before I get everything right). I am using a couple of optocouples as inputs, in addition to a CAN bus interface (a CAN controller is available in this particular microcontroller). Who knows what I can expand this project to cover in the future 🙂

This is the schematics for the OLED gauge, created using the Eagle PCB software.


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