Survival of the fittest

I’ve always been fascinated with apocalyptic movies like ‘The Road’ and ‘2012’. Thinking about how one would survive in a post-apocalyptic world is a lot of fun. Clearly, according to many of these movies, you would need a vehicle that is able to transport- and protect you. This sounds like a great project!

Vehicle for surviving the apocalypse

But – where to start? Assuming that the apocalypse may be caused by something to do with nuclear radiation is not too far fetched. The survivalist vehicle should definitely be equipped with a geiger counter. After all, keeping track of radiation levels while traversing the ruins could save your life!

So, a Geiger counter it is, then! A quick trip to eBay tells me that surplus Geiger tubes have been increasing in price lately, maybe because of recent events in Japan. I decided to settle for an SBM-20 tube, both because of a good price and excellent beta- and gamma sensitivity. From what I can tell, these tubes come from old Soviet stock, meaning that they are old but unused. Add to basket! Now I have to teach myself a little geiger theory and see what else I need. Stay tuned!


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